PsyMaptic is a free online prediction tool for healthcare planners, commissioners and other key stakeholders who require accurate and reliable data on the expected incidence (new, clinically-relevant cases per year) of psychotic disorder in England & Wales. The tool gives instant access to the expected incidence of psychotic disorder in different regions of England & Wales, based on their sociodemographic and socioeconomic profile. Version 1.1 now released! Predictions are unchanged for Local Authority Districts (the same as in Version 1.0), but we have added a map to display predictions at county level.

When using predictions from the tool, please be aware that our forecasts are based on the expected number of clinically-relevant cases of first episode psychosis occurring in each region per year. You can find out more details about the project on these pages, including screenshots of the PsyMaptic tool, an overview of how we created the tool, and our user guide. Got a question?