Segem Consulting

Segem Consulting is a Manchester based Korean translation company in the UK. We guarantee 100% accurate translation and interpretation whether it is from Korean to English or from English to Korean. Our customers include BBC, Samsung, Hyundai, Daily Mirror, Oxford University, Kia, Hynix and Korean Education Ministry. Our customer service is committed and unparalleled. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service and attention. Our friendly, professional and knowledgeable Korean experts are available for consultations.

We do our best to work with you to make the Korean translation process effortless and successful. Our head office is in Manchester, UK. We also provide a variety of other key B2B services including website localization, software localization, video game localization, market expansion, training in Korean language, proofreading, desktop publishing, editing, transcribing, copywriting and voice-overs.