I’m looking for a quotation for the translation of a series of Technical Documents.

The documents are basically a series of User Manuals for industrial conveyor machinery.

The documents will be produced in English – to be translated into Dutch.

Typical documents of this type are of around 100 to 120 pages and 16,000 to 18,000 words.

The main concern is that (due to the Safety of Machinery Directives) certain sections have to be present in each User Manual.

This leads to a substantial repetition of wording, and some entire sections, across the series of User Manuals – typically I would say that around 30% of each manual is identical.

I don’t exactly know how many User Manuals would be involved yet, but would estimate it to be around 4 or 5.

What I’m specifically looking for is a ball-park quotation to be used for estimating project costs.

Can you help?