Naked Translations

Céline has always provided an excellent service, verified by our proof-readers who are also qualified French translators. She is always willing to dedicate her time to us no matter how busy she may be. She is also very open to working in new ways with us to help us make our service even more impactful.

I have always had a passion for languages and writing and I became a professional English to French freelance translator in 2000 when I passed the Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation and the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting. Before that, I completed a Masters degree in English at the University of Toulouse II with a year at the University of Sussex in Brighton, where I fell under the spell of England, its inhabitants, its weather and its food (really).

I love my job and I'm very aware that, if I want to carry on doing something that makes me so happy, I must satisfy my clients so they keep coming back to me.