Theorem Solutions
Theorem Solutions helps Engineering and Manufacturing companies to reduce the cost of collaborating on projects with their Customers, Suppliers and internally. We also help protect the value of
Global Languages
Demand for interpreting and translation services has increased, and new languages are being provided by GLITS to meet the changing demands. We now provide services in over 150 different languages and
Consulate Translations
All our translators and Interpreters are professionals and members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) or an equivalent body in their own country such as the BDU (Germany) or the
Aurora Translations
Aurora Translations is owned by Ruby Aurora Briscall, holder of a Master of Arts degree in Advanced Language Studies from Salford University. She has over twenty years experience in the field of
UK Language Solutions
At UK Language Solutions our mission is clear: to provide quality and affordable translation and interpreting services that are completely unambiguous and without bias to meet the strictest of
PAB Languages Centre
We work with over 200 languages for business, legal, medical and technical purposes, as well as provide translation of websites, interpreting services, and effective language training. Since 2009 PAB