China Lingua Translations
China Lingua Translations Limited is a professional Chinese interpreting and translation service based in South London. We are able to offer Mandarin interpreting services between Chinese and English
Comms Multilingual
Comms has been a trusted partner to our company for a few years now, and we can't imagine working with any other vendor for translation services. In serving our various clients, there is rarely
Intellect GM
Intellect GM is a young firm providing high quality affordable services in translation and tutorial of languages. We work regularly with a number of companies and individuals across all the industries
SCI Translations
The team behind SCI Translations Ltd. benefits from years of "hands-on" experience in technical translation of documents on subjects ranging from medicine to oenology, banking to sewage treatment (and
Surrey Translation Bureau
Surrey Translation Bureau was established in 1984 and remains an independent, family-owned business. Over the last 30 years, Surrey Translation Bureau has built up a strong and loyal customer base and
SBC Translations
The greatest cause of dispute with translations relates to style, because everyone has an individual approach. If you wrote something and then asked another 50 people to write the same story you'd get
Spanish Lessons In Farnham
Teaching Spanish is hugely enjoyable and I love seeing my students grow in confidence as they quickly begin to speak and understand. I have been in the UK for 12 years after training as a lawyer in
Manzana Business Solutions
Based in Surrey, Manzana Business Solutions Limited are the French <-> English specialists, with all your translation and localisation needs in one place. Professional translators only translate
The Yellow Cross
Established in 1999 YellowCross offers a range of medical bags, containers, personal ID and translation cards to help all those children and adults who need to carry prescribed medicines, to help